New Rivalry

04 May 2013 12:00 AM | HKAFL (Administrator)
"Revenge should have no bounds,” Shakespeare once wrote.

A bit harsh, but after a consecutive defeat in the hands of the Philippines Punishers, the Hong Kong Cobras are desperate for their first victory against the Punishers. Comes May 11th, the Cobras would have the perfect opportunity to do so by playing at home soul in Hong Kong and hope as to restore some of the balance in this rivalry when they battle the Punishers for the third time within the year.

Game one was dated back on May 5th of last year, with the Punishers dominated the score of 43-14 at their home field in the Philippines. It was the Cobras’ first ever game as it looked that way for most of the game, but despite the outcome, the young Cobras gained a valuable experience for their future and perhaps the most important thing of all; a true taste of what real geared football was like for a team in Hong Kong.

With months of preparations and getting better as a team, the second game was a lot tighter than the first. Only this time was determined at the second half. The final score was 32-12 in favor of the Punishers which also snapped the Cobras’ previous undefeated home record in Hong Kong.

Comparing back or looking back with Hong Kong football just a few years ago, now it has truly expanded into a place where we can call our own. From street ball to unorganized football matches without proper arrangements or even just a couple of guys tossing a ball around, football was always just a social gathering activity among a group of friends. It was never competitive, it was never serious. And as all of you may have already known, American Football has never been a popular sport in Hong Kong. Without reliable publicity sources through local schools and media coverage, it looked as though it would probably take years before American football turns into a household sport in the city.

Starting at the end of 2011, things have taken a flip. Alex Berriman; president of Hong Kong American Football League (HKAFL) came across the idea of creating a team and ultimately starting a league in the near future. The Hong Kong Cobras was then formed with the help of his dedicated friends at the start of 2012. The upstart Cobras is the first geared football team in Hong Kong. With nearly 35 players on the roster, well-experienced coaches and player coaches from the United States & UK, also combined with a mixture of talented local football players which will continue to

build on success. Trainings are ongoing every weekend at a grass pitch in Happy Valley Racecourse.

Recruiting experienced players and drawing attentions to any of the new beginners will continue throughout Flag football tournaments and football clinics in various local schools. Organized by the HKAFL, football developments are promised to grow steadily under their arms. Also, with the successful influence of the Cobras, local teams such as the Hong Kong Warhawks have also put together a solid team.

The Hong Kong Warhawks have been established since May of 2012. What makes things very special for the Warhawks is also their love of the game and the type of bond that keeps every Warhawks’ player together & motived as one. After playing some games in China recently, their primary goal is to continue to grow and expand in any way possible.

Things are looking bright for Hong Kong football, with strong developments of both teams and perhaps different cultural atmosphere of each team that can help benefits football. HKAFL president; Alex has had talks about forming a league together with teams such as the Hong Kong Cobras, Warhawks, and possible teams in China, Russia & the Philippines. With globalizing in the mind of everybody, maybe there is no telling how far Hong Kong football can expand.

With Game 3 of Hong Kong Cobras vs. the Philippines Punishers just a few days away, the objective now has been very clear. Everyone has to train harder and prepare themselves for the great revenge.

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