A Message from the President

21 Jan 2019 2:06 PM | HKAFL (Administrator)

Hello league,

Happy 2019! The season has gotten off to a great start; as of today, we no longer have any undefeated teams this year, so we certainly have a fun and competitive second half of the season upon us.

With that in mind, I wanted to remind you each of a few things.

1) This is a non-contact league for both defense and offense. We have had far too many injuries this season from absolutely unacceptable aggression, and it needs to stop immediately. Not only is defense tackling offensive players, but offensive players are plowing down the defense in order to get to the goal line. This is illegal on both sides of the field and will result in your ejection. We have some great Hong Kong-based tackle leagues, and if you feel like playing more aggressively, please do go join one of those teams instead.

2) This is a friendly league. There has been far too much poor sportsmanship on our fields in the first half of the season. Volunteer referees are trying their best, and poor language and poor sportsmanship will not be tolerated. Get competitive and play to win, but by no means should you be taking out frustrations on the people who are helping you and this league to run smoothly. If you are not a captain of a team, please do not speak to the referees. Be respectful.

See you all on the 27th!



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