Best Individual Players in the League

12 Apr 2019 1:14 PM | HKAFL (Administrator)

While only one team can come out on top, there is also opportunity for individual players to win league-wide trophies for their position. This year it was a clear winner for each Passing TDs, Scoring TDs, and Interception Leaders, though the Defensive TD trophy was shared between four players. Congratulations, all!

Most Passing Touchdowns: Steven Suh (Disco Ninjas), 43

Most Scoring Touchdowns: Travis Gavalis (Free Agents), 23

Most Interceptions: Alexis Devaud (Disco Ninjas), 11

Most Defensive Touchdowns: Alex Berriman (Rogue Squadron), Alexis Devaud (Disco Ninjas), Thomas Man (Rogue Squadron), Tyler Treece (Icy Hots), 2

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