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    Flag Finals Match Report

    The finals this year was a rematch of last season's two finalists, defending champions Honey Badgers and the Ballhawks (Previously known as Fondle my Balls). Honey Badgers won the toss and elected to start on offense, a questionable choice by the Honey Badgers that could prove fatal....

    The Honey Badgers looking to set the pace and score first, were denied by the Ballhawks no. 1 ranked defense. The Ballhawks then silenced the defending champs by putting up 6 points of their own, proving why Kevin Recco deserved the MVP trophy for most TD receptions with a sliding grab in the back of the endzone from a bullet by the Ballhawks QB Brandon Little. They failed their 1 pt conversion with some tight defense from Honey Badger Aldo Legarda.

    6-0 to the Ballhawks

    In a game that quickly became a defensive battle, the Honey Badgers looked to their run game to get something going. Alexis Devaud ran it in for 6 points untouched, with the help of two Ballhawks defenders running into each other. However, the Ballhawks once again put a beat down on the pass attack and prevented the 2 pt conversion.

    6-6 all tied

    More defensive battles from both sides holding each team out of the endzone, until the Honey Badgers had to dig deep into their playbook and pull out a little trickery on 5th down. A flea flicker combined with an unbelievable catch in double coverage by Alexis Devaud and the hopes of not hearing a popping sound before the endzone, and the Honey Badgers were in the lead 12-6. Going with their favourite in-and-out plays, the Honey Badgers were able to convert the 2 pt conversion with a toss from Alex Berriman to Pierre Veyret... An important conversion...

    14-6 Honey Badgers lead at Half Time

    A low scoring tough defensive battle continued after the half with the Ballhawks shutting out the Honey Badgers offense who would remain scoreless in the second half.
    Some good playcalling by the Ballhawks put them in the endzone with a an easy pitch and catch on a corner route from Brandon Little to John Hogan. 14-12 still in favour of the Honey Badgers, the Ballhawks needed this 2 pt conversion to tie up the game. The Honey Badgers defense said no, and held their lead.... if only the slightest...

    14-12 Honey Badgers still leading.... only just...

    Honey Badgers still unable to score on the inaccurate arm of their QB who was having a hard time dealing with the Ballhawks blitzes. With only 2:30 left in the game, the Ballhawks had the ball and a chance to take the Championship trophy away from the Honey Badgers. 1st down - an easy 25 yard catch and run by Kevin Recco that put the Ballhawks in easy scoring position.
    2nd down - again Ballhawks abusing their workhorse Kevin Recco on a running play, that went for no gain.
    3rd down - Ballhawks going for the endzone, only to be tipped at the last second by Alexis Devaud
    4th down - Only a minute left in the game, another incomplete pass by the Ballhawks, swated by Alexis Devaud.

    5th down - How the tables had turned on this Honey Badgers Offense vs Ballhawks Defense. Now with 1 second left on the clock, final play of the season, the ball in Ballhawks hands and the Championship trophy just 1 catch away. The blitz comes, Brandon Little avoids the rush and scrambles around buying his receivers time. A lane opens up across the middle of the field, with the 7 second rule counting down, Brandon fires it.... It hits a hand.... or more a fist... the fist of Honey Badgers Kevin Chan as he punches the ball way out of the back of the endzone to make sure even Kevin Recco couldn't somehow end up with it in the endzone.

    The Honey Badgers go wild as they defend their championship title, making them back to back Champs.

    Final score 14-12 Honey Badgers.

    There was a video camera on the day so you all would be able to catch the action... However the numpty in charge of the camera forgot to press record... That's how tense warm-ups were for this game.
    There are however some photos that will be posted online soon.
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    Flag Football League Finals!
    The no. 1 offense, Honey Badgers, having scored 412 Points (avg 35 pts a game) will take on the no. 1 defense, Ballhawks, holding their opponents to only 184 Points (avg. 15 pts a game) this season.

    A rematch of last year’s finals that left the Honey Badgers victorious after a 45-36 shootout.

    Come watch the 10-2 Honey Badgers versus the 9-3 Ballhawks for this years HKAFL Flag Football League Championship
    26th April (Sunday)
    Happy Valley Sports Ground pitch no. 8

    We could use some volunteers for the finals:
    Video Cameraman
    3 Referees (only referees that have refereed in the Flag league before)

    Off season schedule:

    14th May - Bottom 5 Tournament
    30th May - End of Season Boat Party
    6th June - Taiwan International Flag Tournament (7v7)
    27th June - HKAFL Summer pick up tournament (5v5)

    More details to follow next week

  • 27 Mar 2015 12:45 PM | HKAFL (Administrator)
    League Update & Playoffs

    Remaining games
    There is only 1 weekend of games left (except for Free Agents who are on a bye in the final week) in the regular season schedule before the post season begins. As the Rugby 7s approach and so does Easter break, it means the last game of the regular season won’t be till the 12th April.

    The top 4 teams have clinched their playoff spots: Honey Badgers, Da Fat Club, Mojos and Ballhawks. The playoff semi-finals will be on the 19th April, followed by the finals on the 26th April. There will be a 3rd place game.
    There will be a bottom 5 tournament sometime in May.

    This year we’ll have medals for the top 3 teams, plus the usual Trophy for the champions. The Champions will also receive $1,000 in vouchers from our Sponsor's McSorley’s. There will also be 4 individual trophies for the league leaders in each category: Leading TD Passer, Leading TD scorer, Def INTS, and Defensive TDs.

    Even though the season is nearly over, don’t forget to still take advantage of the deals from our sponsors which as still available till August:

    Red Willow Wine
    20% Discount off all orders placed online at - choose from their selection of Spirits, Craft Beers, Tonic, and Wine.

    McSorley’s (The Saint & Eclipse Hospitality Group)
    Mondays at McSorley's - Buy 2 dishes get the 3rd free + Happy hour all night long on selected beverages
    Anytime - 15% discount at the following venues:
    The Saint, Havana, Cafe Siam, Coyote, iCaramba, Rockabilly, Grand Central, The Jockey, Fogosamba, Vista, TAKU

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    Buffet Menu & Drink Deals listed below
    HKAFL Super Bowl Party 2015

    Watch the Super Bowl LIVE
    Venue: The Saint, 55 Elgin Street, Soho, Central (Where McSorley's used to be)
    Monday, February 2nd
    Time: Doors Open 7am, Kick-off 7:30am
    Price: $220 in advance, $240 on the door

    Ticket gets you all you can eat breakfast buffet. ONLY 30 TICKETS REMAINING.
    Book your Tickets now! click here to book your tickets.

    Fresh Bread Sections
    Danish / Famer Bread / Muffins/ Butter/ Strawberries Jam/ Cream Cheese

    Hot Sections
    Hickory Chips Smoked Crispy Bacon
    Oven- Baked Tomatoes
    Grilled House- Made Sausages
    Golden Hash Browns
    Roasted Potatoes with Rosemary
    Baked Beans
    Maple- Smoked Gammon Ham
    Sautéed Mushrooms with Fresh Herbs
    Scrambled Farm Egg

    Exotic Fruit Salad
    Including Juice, Drip Coffee & Tea

    Special Beverage Promo 7:00am onwards
    Red Snapper (Gin Bloody Mary)@ $50 per gls / $300 per Pitcher
    Craft Beer (Old Tom Original 330ml/ Chocolate/ Ginger) @ $300 per 6 btls
    Draught Beer (Kronenbourg 1664) @ $50 per Pint/ $250 per Pitcher
    (Fat Rooster Ale) @ $50 per Pint/ $250 per Pitcher
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    Flag Football Regular Season Begins!

    The start of our flag football season starts this weekend! At the bottom of this email is the schedule for this Sunday. Please note all teams are playing this weekend except for the Mojos, who start off the season with a bye. Please make sure your team shows up on time, as the pitch is only booked till 8pm, so games must start on time otherwise you will get less playing time as they must end on time.

    Submission of Scores
    Please remember after the game your team must submit your scores and stats to - no score and no stats submitted means it's like your team didn't show up!

    Rule Revision
    The 7 seconds to throw rule will now be counted by the referee, as there is too much grey area on what 7 seconds is. As the referee has a stop watch, they will keep an eye on the 7 seconds. (However they no longer need to keep a track of stats)

    Playing Jerseys
    I'm told by the supplier Jerseys should arrive with us by tomorrow. Assuming the protests haven't affected deliver schedule. If they arrive tomorrow then we will bring them to the flag games on Sunday evening

    Monday Nights Football
    Don't forget to come join us on Monday nights at McSorley's to watch NFL Replays with no commercials! 50% discount on food and happy hour prices on drinks all night long. Possible games being shown this monday: Ravens vs Colts, Jets vs Chargers, Bengals vs Patriots.

    Membership Fees
    If you haven't paid your membership fees yet, please do so before Sunday. To view your invoice, go to and log in and click 'invoices and payments'.

    Regular Season Week 1


     Mercenaries vs Da Fat Club
     Ref Honey Badgers / Ballhawks


     Roughriders vs Gay Boys Club
     Ref Free Agents / Chullets


     Honey Badgers vs Ballhawks
     Ref Roughriders / Gay Boys Club

     Free Agents vs Chullets
     Ref Mercenaries / Da Fat Club

    Bye Week: Mojos

    Venue: Happy Valley Sports Ground pitch no. 8 (Astroturf Rugby - Floodlit)

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    HKAFL Sponsors

    We are very fortunate this season that the HKAFL now has 2 sponsors!

    We are delighted to welcome back our Clubhouse sponsor McSorley’s, which will be hosting our Football social events including Monday Nights watch NFL replays, our HKAFL Pub quiz, and our unbeatable HKAFL Super Bowl party!
    They will giving our members plenty of discounts at McSorley’s & supporting venues. Along with the winner of our flag league receiving $1,000 worth of vouchers!
    Visit their website at 

    We would also like to welcome our newest sponsor, Red Willow, Hong Kong’s home of unique spirits, gins, wine, tonics and craft beers! They will be offering a 20% discount to all HKAFL Members. Please check out their website at 

    Here is a full list of discounts & benefits HKAFL members receive from our sponsors:

     McSorley's Logo Red Willow Logo 

    50% discount on Food & Happy Hour Drinks only on Monday nights at McSorley’s, soho.

    15% discounton food & drinks at:
    •  McSorley's   Café Siam
    Caramba  •  Coyote Bar & Grill 
    Rockabilly  •  Grand Central 
    The Jockey  •  Lil' Siam 
    Fogosamba  •  Havana 
    Vista  •  TAKU 

    Above discounts require the use of the HKAFL Membership Card, terms & conditions apply.
    Red Willow

    20% discount on purchases made at www.redwillowwine.comusing the coupon code ‘HKAFL’ upon check out.

    To receive the above discounts from our sponsors you must be registered as a member of the HKAFL, either as part of our Flag Football league (HK$650), or Social membership (FREE) (register here) and have paid your membership fees. You will then receive the HKAFL membership card in early October and can start using it!

    Please visit our sponsors, as by supporting them you are supporting American Football development in Hong Kong.

  • 07 Sep 2014 10:59 PM | HKAFL (Administrator)

    Watch NFL Monday Nights at McSorley's
    According to ASN's website/facebook page. ASN will be showing the 2014/2015 NFL Season all across Asia on their new channel ASN2... Except in Hong Kong, where NOW TV Sports has exclusive rights.

    At the moment, the Now TV programme guide shows channel 681 as airing live NFL games in the morning, but no replays in the evening. We will investigate further and keep you as up to date as possible on how you can watch games.

    In the meantime, Now Sports 3 is showing the Colts vs Broncos game replay Monday night starting at 5pm.
    We will be meeting at our sponsors McSorley's in Central to watch this.

    Please come join us! This monday:
    5pm - Broncos vs Colts
    McSorley's, 55 Elgin Street, Soho, Central
    50% discount on food
    Happy hour drink prices all night long

  • 12 Aug 2014 6:13 PM | HKAFL (Administrator)
    Registration Open & League Feedback
    Facebook group
      Facebook page
    Aug 2014
    Hong Kong American Football League
    Flag Football Registration Open!

    You may now register for the upcoming Flag Football season! The cost for a new comer this season will be $650, a slight increase from last season, as we will look to have more regular season games, and also have some more trophies and medals (which we allocated zero budget for last year).

    As you may have read, there will be some optional costs during registration. If you are a returning player who already has a Jersey, the renewal fee is $500. You will have the option to add a new Jersey ($180), a pair of shorts ($100) and a team social t-shirt ($110). (Please check with you team captain, they may have opted for a new design of Jersey or no shorts.)

    For New players who would like to join the league this season, click here to sign up. (If you have a new team, each member needs to sign up, if it's just you, sign up and we will find you a team!)

    For returning players, click here to renew your membership.

    Switching Teams? Or for Social members who would like to join the flag league, please click here to change your membership level.

    Please note Playing kit orders will be processed on Sept the 1st for it to arrive in time for the start of the season. If you have not signed up and PAID by then, you will not receive your playing kit in time for Game 1.

    League Feedback & Format

    Thank you to everyone who filled out our league feedback survey.  From feedback, we will be sticking to 1 division, 45 minute games, and same width field. We will however be having more games in the season, and will keep a better record of stats.

    To answer some of the comments:
    • Have a one day fun tournament where we mix up players onto different teams - we'll discuss with team captains and see if teams are interested in doing this mid season or after the season

    • At the moment no rule changes are being considered. If anyone has some rule changes they would like to suggest, please email us at and we will review and discuss. If the rule is administratively plausible, then we will put it to the teams to vote for the rule change.

    • Hosting an Annual General Meeting - In our experience, no one ever turns up to an AGM, especially not a league with only 150 players. It just creates more work for the administration of the league. If anyone has questions about the status of the league, please email us at

    • Videoing games on to YouTube. It would be nice to have all games recorded and posted on to YouTube, we tried for the finals last year, but the trouble is the field is too big. We'd need camera men manning the camera, which we currently don't have the resources for unless people were willing to act as camera man and record games.
    Copyright © 2012 Hong Kong American Football League. All rights reserved.
    Contact email: {Organization_Contact_Email}
  • 10 Aug 2014 4:57 PM | HKAFL (Administrator)

    5 v 5 Flag Football Tournament (New Comers Welcome!)

    A great chance for new comers to try the sport and for teams to recruit more players for next season. If you are an individual without a team, but would still like to participate, please email and we will find you a team!

    Rules follow our 5v5 non contact flag football league rule book. Each team needs at least 5 players to compete.

    Format of the tournament will follow our standard 8 team tournament format. 20 minute games with 2 groups of 4 teams playing round robin style with the top team from each group playing for champion of the tournament.

    Date: 10th Aug 2014 (Sunday)
    Time: 4:30pm-7:30pm
    Venue: Happy Valley Field No. 8 (Rugby Field - Astroturf)
    Fee: HKD $20 per person (Payment made on the day)

    Wear your team jerseys or a similar colour.
    Each team will have to referee the games before and/or after their games.

    Register your team now, maximum 8 teams, first come first served. Only one player from the team needs to register. The rest of the team do not need to register themselves.

    Friends are welcome whether they are or are not a member of the HKAFL.

  • 02 Aug 2014 4:54 PM | HKAFL (Administrator)

    Fantasy Football in Hong Kong

    It's that time again! Fantasy Football is coming to Hong Kong through the Pro Football HK Meetup Group, brought to you by Irie Pacific Sports, for the 3rd year running, and this year we're raising the stakes!

    We're running Auction Leagues and Snake Draft Leagues through that cater to both fantasy veterans and rookies. We will be drafting LIVE and in person, so make sure you will be available on the date and time listed to travel to the venue.

    The entry fee for each 12-team league is HK$800. Each league winner will receive $7,200, plus a t-shirt and cap for their favorite NFL team. Additionally, each league winner from IPS' fantasy leagues in HK and Seoul this season will be entered into a drawing to win an official jersey for their favorite player.

    To join in the fun, head over to today to check out the leagues available. Just join the group and claim your spot. Hurry, spots are bound to go fast!

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