Flag Football League Playoffs 2013 - 2014 Season


Last Sunday the two top teams in the HKAFL Flag Football league went head to head in the Flag Football Finals. The result was 45-36 in Honey Badgers favour earning them the trophy and title of Champion of the first Flag Football season of the HKAFL.

Thank you to everyone who came down to watch, support and referee. Thank you to all the teams that participated this season, stay tuned for some exciting off season fun and we hope we'll see you next season.

Below is a 15 minute play by play video of the Finals - Honey Badgers vs Fondle my Balls:

                  Remember to change the video settings to 720p HD ^

Our final games of the regular season have been played. The top 5 teams have been decided, with 1 team finishing undefeated and 3 teams finishing with equal records. Below is the format for the playoffs this year and the proposed dates of games (subject to field availability). The seeding for this years playoffs is explained below.
Rules during the playoffs will be the same with the exception of length of halves will be 22 minutes (instead of 17 minutes)

The top 5 teams this year are playing for the title of Champion of the first HKAFL flag football league.
The Champion will also receive:
Champion's Trophy
$1000 voucher from our sponsors McSorley's
First dibs to spots on the HKAFL summer boat party.

 Wild Card Weekend
Final Score
 (4) Chullets beat (5) Da Fat Club
 21-21 (1-0)

 Semi Finals Weekend
Final Score
 (1) Honey Badgers beat (4) Chullets
 (2) Fondle my Balls beat (3) Mojos

 Finals Weekend
Final Score
 (1) Honey Badgers beat (2) Fondle my Balls

   Team W-L-D
Head to Head Wins/Loses
 Seed 1.
 Honey Badgers
 9-0-0  269    
 Seed 2.
 Fondle my Balls
 6-2-1  307    
 Seed 3.
 Mojos  6-3-0  298  Beat Chullets (week 11)
Lost to Da Fat Club (week 12)
 Seed 4.
 Chullets  6-3-0  255  Beat Da Fat Club (week 9)
Lost to Mojos (week 11)
 Seed 5.
 Da Fat Club
 6-3-0  248  Beat Mojos (week 12)
Lost to Chullets (week 11)

Playoff seeding is in the order:
Winning record
Head to Head record
Points Scored

Seed 3-5 teams finished 6-3, and their head to head record was 1 win and 1 loss in a stone-paper-scissors fashion leaving them equal head to head. Therefore Points scored was the determining factor for playoff seeding.

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