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  • 08 Apr 2014 8:08 PM | Anonymous
    The Hong Kong Cobras have come away victorious against the Chinese Screaming Demons, scoring twice in their opening exhibition game this year, to finish the game 14-6.

    After finishing 2013 with a strong win against the Sea Dragons in November, the Cobras immediately went to work to improve and better themselves for the tough competition ahead of them. With a revitalized offensive and defensive playbook, and a multitude of talent on both sides of the ball, the Cobras are starting off 2014 strong!

    The Chinese Screaming Demons, a team comprised of players from different teams around China, traveled to Hong Kong to play against the home side as both teams battled for their first win this year. Although plagued by terrible weather the weeks leading up to the game, the Cobras worked tirelessly to improve all aspects of their game. From playbook knowledge, to individual skills, to full team cohesion. The Cobras worked hard, and continued to do so right up until game time.

    The game was held on a (fortunately!) beautiful cool Saturday evening in Happy Valley, Hong Kong. The Cobras showed up, 30+ strong, prepared to defend their home territory from the visiting team.

    As the game began, after a few change of possessions, the Cobras drew first blood on a QB sneak by Michael Hibbert down at the goal line. After narrowly missing the PAT, the Cobras were up 6-0. The Cobras then scored again through a second QB sneak by Thomas Man, who followed up the touchdown with a 2pt conversion right after on a QB run, to bring the score to 14-0 entering the 3rd Quarter.

    Late into the 4th Quarter, the Screaming Demons struck back with a long passing touchdown. However, the Demons were stopped short on the following 2pt conversion. 

    The Demons fought back hard late in the game, and in the final moments were pushing right up at the goal line to try and tie the game up. However, the Cobras stood strong stopping the Demons on the ground and in the air, to finally end the game at 14-6.

    The Cobras are delighted to have won their first game in 2014, and will continue to work to improve and get better as a team.

    You can check out photos of the game here:


    The Hong Kong Cobras have started off 2014 with a bang, taking away their first home field victory. However it does not stop here for the Cobras!

    The Hong Kong Cobras have officially entered the recently established American Football League of China, and with the season starting up this August, the team is working hard to improve and build upon their current momentum.

    As always, if you're interested in becoming a part of the Cobras, just send an email to or come by one of our practices!
  • 10 Mar 2014 7:32 PM | Anonymous
    The Hong Kong Cobras have been training hard and working hard into improving the team, not only through practices but through new playbooks, recruiting and social team events!

    The Cobras are building upon their existing new offensive playbook installed late last year, and have just introduced their brand new defensive playbook! With an influx of new players joining the Cobras, the coaches have redeveloped the Defensive scheme of the Cobras, in hopes of utilizing the talent on the defensive side of the ball. The team is working hard to prepare for their upcoming game against the Chinese Screaming Demons, which is scheduled in just 4 weeks time(April 5th)!! 

    If you're interested in trying out American Football and seeing the team in action, just drop by our practices on Sundays or email our president Ben O'Neill (
  • 28 Jan 2014 7:44 AM | Anonymous
    The Cobras started off 2014 with a great first practice, a joint practice with the Hong Kong Crazy Bulls. Practice was 3 hours long, with over 30 players in attendance, all working hard to start the new year right!

    The Cobras continue to collaborate with the Crazy Bulls, primarily in developing American Football in Hong Kong. The joint practice provided a lot of entertainment for the locals watching from the sidelines at Tai Hang Tung Recreation Grounds in Prince Edward, however it also provided a lot of valuable experience and tips for players on both teams.

    The new year is looking promising for both teams! With significant improvements in skill, player commitment and an influx of newcomers every month, the Year of the Horse is looking bright for American Football in Hong Kong.

    The Cobras will resume practice February 9th after Chinese New Year holidays. Come on by!
  • 19 Jan 2014 6:12 PM | Anonymous

    2013 was a strong year for the Hong Kong Cobras, with a great influx of new players and several games played throughout the year. The Cobras developed a brand new playbook, a refreshed mindset and took on multiple teams around Asia. The Cobras fell to the Philippine Punishers early in the year, however the Cobras rallied together proceeded to defeat teams such as the Shenzhen Crusaders and the Guangzhou Goats. And finally the Cobras ended the year on a strong note, by defeating the China Sea Dragons in Guangzhou. The Cobras have returned after a few weeks off for Christmas break, and things are looking promising for the year ahead in 2014.


    Watch this space for more details on news of the Cobras! A lot of exciting new things are happening!!


    As always, all newcomers are welcome to join us at any time. Just email us at or come by to one of our practices on Sunday! Just check our page for details!

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