Cobras Past Games
The Hong Kong Cobras play against teams from all round Asia. Below are some of our previous match ups...

HK Cobras vs. Chinese Screaming Demons (14-6)
April 5th, 2014

The Cobras faced a strong team full of talent, but held on to defeat the Screaming Demons 14-6.
Cobras have started off 2014 very motivated and determined!

  HK Cobras vs The Sea Dragons (32-6)
  November 16th, 2013

The Cobras went to Guangzhou, the match was organised by NFL China.
Under Saturday night lights, the Cobras defeated the Sea Dragons 32-6. HK Cobras end 2013 with a solid win.

HK Cobras vs Guangzhou Goats (36-26)
July 2013

Cobras traveled to Guangzhou to compete in a second matchup with the Guangzhou Goats.
The Cobras started with a strong lead in the game, and held on in the end to win

HK Cobras vs Guangzhou/Zhuhai (62-8)
August 5th

This was the Cobras first home game, it was against a team comprised of the Guangzhou Goats and Zhuhai Beserkers. It was also the Cobras' first win with a final score of 62-8.

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