Hong Kong Cobras
Hong Kong Cobras

The Hong Kong Cobras were one of the first geared teams in Hong Kong. The Cobras have played teams from all round Asia in home and away match ups. They Compete in the first Chinese American Football League. They finished their first full season undefeated until falling in the playoffs. 
The Cobras usually train on Sundays at Happy Valley Sports Ground from the end of February to seasons end in December. 

The Cobras are always looking for new players (no previous experience required!) and any kind of support from volunteers or coaching staff!

To contact the HK Cobras, email hkcobras@hkafl.com
Or just drop by a practice session, all you need is some cleats!

2014 Season Results:
2014 Sep - HK Cobras @ Guangzhou Goats - 9-0 (W)
2014 Nov - HK Cobras @ HK Warhawks - 36-12 (W)
2014 Nov - HK Cobras @ Chengdu Mustangs - 48-2 (W)
2014 Nov - HK Cobras Vs Guangzhou Apaches - 16-0 (W)
2014 Nov - HK Cobras Vs HK Warhawks - 28-7 (W)
2014 Nov - HK Cobras Vs Shanghai Nighthawks - 20-13 (L)
Some of our matches to date:
2014 Apr - HK Cobras vs Chinese Screaming Demons - 14-6 (W)
2013 Nov - HK Cobras vs China Sea Dragons - 30-6 (W)
2013 July - HK Cobras vs Guangzhou Goats - 36-26 (W)
2012 Dec - HK Cobras vs Shanghai Warriors - 0-5 (L)
2012 Aug - HK Cobras vs Philippine Punishers 12-32 (L)
2012 July - HK Cobras vs Shenzhen Crusaders 58-0 (W)
2011 Aug - HK Cobras vs Guangzhou Goats/Zhuhai Beserkers 62-8 (W)
2011 May - HK Cobras vs Philippine Punishers 14-43 (L)

Team Captains: Thomas Man, Alpha Chia, Ben Wong, Raphael Barres
Coaches: John Blasco, William Dunn, Thomas Man, Ben O'Neill, Markus Hartwig, David Oberlander, Michael Hibbert

Current President: Alpha Chia
Committee Members: Ben Wong, Thomas Man, Alpha Chia, Lebbeus Lam

Twitter/Instagram: @hkcobras
Facebook: Hong Kong Cobras American Football
Website: www.hkcobras.com

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Twitter/Instagram: @hkcobras
Facebook: Hong Kong Cobras American Football

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